EdgeFrontier Whiteboard Video

2D Hand-drawn Whiteboard-style Animated Video

When we begin most projects, there's some part of the concept (sometimes more than one part) that we don't know how we're going to pull off. This project was no exception.

When Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure wanted a whiteboard video to explain a new solution in simple terms, we went looking for the best way to make it happen. Most similar videos simply reveal a pre-drawn illustration over time with a fake hand animated in to hide the reveal. With the recent release of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, we realized that we could now create a recording of each and every stroke of the pen.

We ended up connecting the iPad to a computer and using Quicktime to record the screen. We then brought that footage into After Effects where we sped it up, added some animation other effects, and composited the voice over.

In the end product, you truly see the drawings appearing as they happened.

Services: Script writing, concept development, storyboarding, time-lapse drawing recording, animation, ,voice direction, audio recording

Script & Voice Direction: Laura Beth Ezzell
Time-lapse Drawings & Animation: Nick Smith