What's in a Name?

Hi guys! One of our goals around here is to to regularly give you a super honest look behind the scenes of what it has been like for us to do what we're doing. Today, Erin's chatting about what it was like choosing our name!

Today, we are so in love with the name we chose for our company. Gradient. Gradient Media, Inc. We like the feel it has. The meaning behind it. 

But rewind several months. February-ish. We were fairly certain we would never be able to start our business. This conversation we'd been having, this dream we'd been thinking about for so long, was missing one major thing.

A name.

We talked about it ALL THE TIME. Constantly. And, like naming our babies, literally ALL of the names we came up with had a valid excuse for not being able to use it.

Too silly. Too serious. Too long. Too confusing. Too corporate.

Made us sound like something we're not. (Ahem. Apple Cake Media.) 

Perhaps a little too honest. (Straight-Laced Media. Bless us.)

Or the ever-popular, "well, I guess that will work." We wanted to feel a little more enthusiastic about whatever name we chose!

Not to mention the fact that every single thing we genuinely liked was already taken. EVERY. TIME. It became the running joke. "I like ____, but I'm sure it's already taken."

I knew it had gotten really bad, when my two-year-old climbed up to the breakfast table and said, seriously and out of the blue, "How about Milk Media?" 

Really, really bad.

Also, we definitely considered that name.

After literally months of meeting each week, coming up with a to-do list, and then saying, "okay, we can get started as soon as we pick a name," we finally narrowed it down to two.

(I'm not even going to tell you the other one, because then you're going to tell me you liked it better than Gradient, and our poor, elevated blood pressures can't handle that.)

We talked about it. And talked about it.

We Googled. We read. We talked some more.

We texted a short list of friends and family members to get their opinions. Gradient won, by one vote.

Ultimately, we (obviously) chose Gradient. We liked the subtle reference to movement. Lifting. Raising. We liked that it was a creative/design term. We liked the possibilities it offered for our branding. We liked just the general way it sounded. The hard G. The way it went with the word "media." 

And frankly, we were just glad to be done. A name! We did it! Woohoo!

And then we realized. No more excuses. We had to launch this thing. 

Gulp. Here goes nothing!