Why Video? Push Record to Play

We’re going to get our Gradient Media blog started with a series called Why Video? LB is kicking off the series with a post about where most of us start with video: preserving personal memories.

Videos are running rampant. And screens are everywhere. At home. At work. In waiting rooms. In restaurants. In our pockets.

It’s no secret. The production and use of video is booming. YouTube continues to grow and so does its daily audience.

How often does your spouse or coworker or friend say, “Hey, have you seen this video?”

Sometimes it’s a commercial. Sometimes it’s something random that’s gone viral on the Internet. But sometimes it’s something cute of their own kid they recorded themselves.

The digital age has put movie making right in our hands. Why do we love to record something in our life and make a video?

Just yesterday I found myself outside playing with my kids and they started doing something cute so, of course, I quickly whipped out my phone and was recording within seconds. But why?

For me, it’s my go-to when I have to travel away from them. My pick-me-up when I’m down. I think about showing one of them at their graduation or wedding one day. I record them because, with just that few seconds it took me to record it, I’ve captured that moment. Instead of hearing about it, or reading about it, or just remembering it, I can SEE it. I can push play to watch it as many times as I want… forever.

I push record to play.

We’ll be sharing more posts in the coming weeks about the power of video in our lives and our work. Stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe using our RSS link in the site footer!